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Feng Shui For Conscious Living
Practical useful information that eliminates the confusion about traditional feng shui.
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Beginners Feng Shui
Beginners feng shui is the place to start to gain a better understanding of what the essence of feng shui is.
FengShui BaGua
The fengshui bagua explained.
Feng Shui Colors
The facts about the use and importance of color in feng shui.
Feng Shui Wealth
Feng shui wealth is another important step in the over-all good feng shui of your peroanl space.
Feng Shui For Love And Romance
Feng shui for love and romance
Feng Shui For Fertility
Use this feng shui fertility to help imrove your chances of conceiving.
Feng Shui Bedroom Tips
Use these great tips for better bedroom feng shui.
How To Correctly Take A Compass Reading
If you don't have a correct compass reading you have nothing , a correct and proper reading is mandatory for optimal benefits.
Feng Shui House Direction
This page has all of the links to help you detrermine your feng shui house direction.
Get Your Personal Trigram Direction
Get your personal trigram home direction in your e-mail jsu tfor asking!!!
Feng Shui Mirror Placement
Unveiling the truth about mirror placement and feng shui once and for all.
Keys To Determine The Feng Shui Facing Of A Building
Sitting and facing are one of the first steps in unlocking the potential of your building, it's important to have a complete understanding of these, this is thoroughly explained for the beginner.
Keys to Determine The Sitting Of A Building
The keys to determining the sitting side of a building is a crucial fundamental in an accurate feng shui analysis, it all begins here.
Increase Learning Capabilities Effortlessly Using The East/West Theory Feng Shui
Increase learning capabilities effortlessly using the east/west theory of feng shui, this tool is suitable for anyone desiring to make learning easier.
Sitting And Facing
Further explore the differences in sitting and facing in feng shui.
More About Chi, The Life Force Energy You Cannot See, But You Can Feel
More about chi.
Calculate Your Personal Trigram & Unlock The Keys To Happiness & Luck
Learn how to use your personal trigram that puts luck and happiness at your will. This will teach you how to calculate any ones kua number and learn more about their personal element..
What Is Feng Shui Font? Is It For You?
It seems everything can be feng shui'd these days, in its ever growing popularity how do you know what to use and what to lose?
What Can Feng Shui Do For You?
What can really be expected from using feng shui? The possibilities abound, but only if you use them and work with them in the proper manner.
When To Get A Professional Feng Shui Consultation
When to get a feng shui consultation is a common question.
Your Place Or Mine? What's Your House Type?
living in the house of your dreams may not help you live the life of your dreams, and living in something you aren't crazy about could propel you into living your dream life before you know it.
WSWS - Good For People And Good For Money
WSWS is a house type that is known to support the occupants of the building and support the finances of the occupants as well.
Good For People
A double sitting house can be a really great building especially once it is brought into balance.
Good For Money
This particular house type can turn out to be very supportive with the proper remedy, but otherwise it might not be the best house especially for couples or families.
The Reversed House
The reversed house will not benefit its occupants until certain changes have been made to balance the chi of the house.
The Facts About Feng Shui and The Money Tree
Find out the facts about money trees and their place in feng shui.
One Size Does Not Fit All
One size does not fit all in feng shui.
Holistic Feng Shui
Feng shui is an holistic experience as well that leads to break-throughs, miracles, and creative manifestations that all contribute to living the life of your dreams.
Holistic Meditation
Learn how to boost your efforts in meditation, praying, and yoga to achieve effortless optimal results.
Use Your Personal Trigram And Your Home Direction For Your Power Sector
Find out just how powerful your home direction of your personal trigram can really be with this article.
Wealth, Name, & Fame Period 8 Has It All
Our current period is eight, not only is eight king there are some pretty spectacular aspects of this energy.
Determining Locked Periods And Their Meanings
Decipher a center quadrant to determine if your house or businesss is experiencing a lock or imprisonment period, this feng shui analyzes the flying stars and is directly connected to prosperity.
Sleep According To Your Group
Sleeping to ones personal trigram is best but if that isn't possible there are other options.
Where Is My Wealth ???
Accurate information on where the wealth area.corner is in relation to ancient traditional authentic feng shui.
Fast Feng Shui
Use these fast feng shu areas to heal energy in your home after a consult. These major areas will deliver big impact if time or money are issues in implementing all of the recommendations immediately
Tai Sui And Po Sui
The Tai Sui and Po Sui are problem energies, that bring troubles and change positions yearly. Where are they now and where will they be? How do you deal with these accident prone energies?
Compass Chart
This compass chart shows the divided segments for compass reading.
Bathroom Feng Shui
What is the feng shui of your bathroom and how important is it?
Common Feng Shui Terms and Pronunciations
Find out what some of the terms in feng shui mean and in some cases their pronunciation.
Feng Shui House Direction
Determine your house direction with yin yang and a compass.
Feng Shui For Wealth And Prosperity
Feng shui for wealth and prosperity are especially helpful in these times.
Feng Shui Best
What are the steps to geting the best feng shui?
The Elements Of Feng Shui
Find out what the elements of feng shui are.
Feng Shui House Numbers
Get to the bottom of what house numbers mean in feng shui.
The Ba Gua VS. The Lo Shu
The Ba Gua, Pa Kua, Eight Palaces, Trigram
Beginners Feng Shui
Feng shui for beginners article will help you get what you need to begin your feng shui journey!
What Is Feng Shui?
What is feng shui? It is wind and water read on for an introduction into this ancient Chinese practice.
Five Elements of Feng Shui
Five Elements of Feng Shui
The Three Cycles Of Feng Shui
What are the cycles of feng shui and how are the categorized?
Yin Yang
Confused about yin yang? This will broaden your experience with it.
The Feng Shui Map
What a feng shui map is and how it related to the master trigram.
Feng Shui Best House Colors
Feng shui house colors can be used to determine the best color for your house.
Feng Shui Money
Feng shui money is where its at!!!! Money
Feng Shui And The Kitchen Stove
Feng shui and the kitchen stove/oven is an important consideration to the health and wealth of its occupants.
Feng Shui Number Meanings
Feng shui number meanings is the description of the energy the star carries.
Start Feng Shui Right
Start your feng shui journey off right in the beginning - trust me - it will help!!!
Personal Trigram Direction Family Member
Personal trigram directions relate to family members, see how this affects you or people in your family.
Feng Shui Clutter
Feng shui clutter clutter clears the air!!
Feng Shui Crystals Helpers Or Helpless???
Feng shui crystals, helpers or helpless???
The Feng Shui Impact
The Feng Shui Impact explains just how much of an impact it has on your life.
Feng Shui Rehab And Addiction
Feng Shui And Rehab, what does addiction and feng shui have to do with one another?
Feng Shui And Depression
Feng Shui And Depression
Feng Shui Divorce
Feng shui and divorce go hand in hand more than you might suspect.
Conscious Meditation
Conscious meditation and how it can help you, try this now and prepare for drastic improvements in all areas of yor life.
Fake Feng Shui
Fake Feng Shui is fun feng shui.
Residential Consultation Services
Information on residential consulting services offered by Sherry Hemstreet.
Feng Shui And The Chinese Symbol Of Love
Deeper insights to the Chinese love symbol and feng shui.
East West Theory
Great insight into the East West Theory of feng shui also known as Eight Mansions or Bright Mirror feng shui.
Feng Shui Home Decor
The inside scoop on what feng shui home decor really means for your and your space.
Contribute to Feng Shui
Would you like to share your knowledge about feng shui? Great, find out how you can submit your story or tip here.