Feng Shui For Wealth And Prosperity

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Feng shui for wealth and prosperity are on the minds of many right now, in these trying economic times it can be a struggle if you let it, or if you want to do all of the work yourself. Personally, I don't. One of the easiest ways to increase income and strengthen financial matters is by installing a fountain or water feature.

What exactly qualifies as a water fountain or feature? Well, first it has to hold a good amount of water...

The More Water The Better Prosperity!!!

So just what does that mean? It means when you are deciding on what way to add a water feature to your house make sure you get the most water in it that is possible for you. For instance a fountain may be good for a smaller house, but if you are living in a large house it may not be as effective as you would like, although it would still yield some results.

If you were to install a pond that would probably get even better results than a fountain. Now of course you could do a koi pond if you like but that is not necessary. Fish have nothing to do with prosperity in feng shui, that is actually just folk-fung shui, if you like fish though, go right ahead.

The Jackpot Of Water Features!!!

So, you want big money!!! The pool is the way to go. It is a big bang for your buck! A pool is big money but it offers a big return. It really depends on the available space. I have seen even small wading pools have really positive affects on clients finances.

Where Does It Go???

You have decided what feature is right for you, but you cannot just set up your water feature any where and get the desired results. There is a special formula for this. Remember, all directions in feng shui are associated with certain energetic characteristics.

Since the good energy is coming from the Northeast until 2023, this would NOT be the optimal position for water. Water collects Chi, therefore, all the good chi would be collected BEFORE reaching your home. This would yield bad results.

The Best Of The Best

The first position to consider to yield optimal results would be the Southwest. This is the opposite of Northeast so it will yield the best results, allowing all the good chi to fully circulate and settle, bringing wealth to the home.

Second Place Is Still A Winner!!!!

The second position for prosperity is still a winner!!! The second direction that would still yield good results is the East. You could place your water feature here if the first direction wasn't an option.

Close Only Counts In Horseshoes!

Any other direction not mentioned could still possibly Yield SOME results-- remember, water is prosperity, but it will not be nearly as dependable as Directions Southwest and East. Any other direction besides these or Northeast would be considered neutral.

Double Down!!!

Want the most bang for your buck? Double down. Cover both bases by putting a water feature in BOTH locations of Southwest AND East! Then you can laugh all the way to the bank. I have seen this to really help clients financial situations.

Feng shui really is about helping people and making life easy and effortless, enjoy your new found prosperous lifestyle!!!

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