Feng Shui Mirror Placement

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Talk about one of the great mysteries of feng shui. Feng shui mirror placement used correctly is supposed to enhance your feng shui, increase your luck, expand your romance or to use as a feng shui remedy.However, this is really only a myth.

Mirrors are ONLY useful for aesthetic purposes, to enlarge spaces, or reflect beauty.

Now I know you are going through what you remember of the other information you read, it said---- put a mirror in corner to enlarge your wealth area, or use it as a remedy. What? How is a mirror going to fix an unlucky star?

One of my all time favorite queries happens to be, "Where should I put my ba gua mirror?" Hhhhmmmm, depends on how many people you want to know you have feng shui neurotic-ism!

Feng Shui Is NOT Smoke And Mirrors

Mirrors in feng shui do not-

- act as a water element.

- enlarge your wealth area.

- reverse bad energy.

- double your prosperity.

-ward off evil.

-attract love. Mirror placement in feng shui is relative to your personal decor. Remember feng shui when implemented correctly blends into your decor, it does not shout 'feng shui here!' In fact, feng shui, works with any decor, because it is the unseen energies that you are working with.

This is an important subject that has many people perplexed, but really implementing mirrors is an interior design issue, unless you have an unfortunate mirror placement in the bedroom that reflects light while you are sleeping causing erratic chi movement that can disturb your rest.

Mirrors can be placed in the bedroom as long as the do not disrupt anything or reflect areas that would be unsightly outside or personal inside.

Let's review;

-Use mirrors where they please you and enhance your interior.

-Bag the ba gua mirror.

-Make sure what is reflected is of beauty and comfort to you.

-Keep placement simple, and don't over-use mirrors-- it creates chaotic chi.