Feng Shui Bedroom Tips

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The simple truth is one of the first things a feng shui practitioner is going to do once they view your bedroom is determine if it is going to serve you for its purpose. The first most important thing is bed placement. It is very important for your bed to be against a solid surface- and preferably not a window.

I know a lot of people, in fact, I am one of them, that loves to have their bed on an angle in a corner. If you are not of this group it may sound weird, but it is perfectly comfortable to me. This normally would be a BIG no-no in feng shui. There is no support, and really let's face it there is a big empty void behind your headboard- not so attractive. However, by placing a screen, or some folding doors behind your headboard, you are once again feng shui friendly. Do not forget that whatever you do use make sure it looks harmonious to the remaining decor. The best feng shui is invisible to people.

Keep it dark, I had a client who started having fatigue issues shortly after she moved into a new house. She couldn't figure out what the cause was. On a consult, I noticed she had several large windows in her bedroom with no curtains, in addition to this her house faced the street and the street lights were shining in on her when she was supposed to be asleep. This was disruptive to her bodies natural cycle. I advised her to get shades for the windows where the light was coming in. There were also windows that were blocked by the tree tops, one of the features she adored, these did not need shades because they were naturally shaded.

In addition to the points we already covered, we also want the bed to be in the command position, or at least not in the death position. This means that you have full view of the room when some one enters, and that your feet aren't directly pointing out the door. This sounds like a bit of folklore because it is a Chinese belief, since they carry the dead out of the bedroom in this manner, but it also prevents chi from rushing at you when it enters the room. Make sure that you place your bed in a comfortable area, not under any windows or ceiling beams. Sure, most of this sounds like good common sense but that is because feng shui is really about living optimally and getting the best support out of your environment.

Good Bedroom Feng Shui

-Keep beds against a solid surface.

-Keep light out of bedroom at night.

-Make sure you are in the command position in bed.

-Be certain your feet are not pointing toward the door.

-Do not sleep directly under a moving fan, or used vent.

-Make sure you are not viewing/facing the toilet when you are in bed.

-Do not sleep with your head against outside generator/ electrical boxes.

-Make sure you cannot see your front door from your position in bed.

-Do not sleep under ceiling beams, but if you must hang a canopy to correct the issue.

-Keep your bedroom comfortable to ensure peaceful sleep.

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