Determining Locked Periods And Their Meanings

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While there are four different house types there is one more "condition" that can affect a dwelling that actually is labeled with the house type if it is present.

This additional label is a "lock." A lock is only for a time period so it will not always be present through out all of the periods. Locks only occur temporarily, so there is no fear of moving into a house that will be locked for life, it can also be cured if the environment allows.

Since we are currently in a period eight, if the mountain or water star were to be an eight as well then there would be a lock coinciding with that particular star.

Locks mean imprisonment--- so it is almost like the designated star is serving a jail sentence for a particular time.

People Locks

Once the center stars have been determined it is possible to have a lock on the occupants of the house if the mountain star matched the current period.

For instance- if the center stars were 8-1 the mountain or people eight would match the current period- thereby trapping it in the center and not allowing it to flourish and communicate effectively with the rest of the house.

When there is a lock on people relationships can be difficult and tense, it is unlikely that conception would happen during that time. It could affect health, jobs, relationship and more.

Locked For Money???

It is just as easy to determine if there is a lock on money as it is for people. Since the water star is also referred to as the money star we would determine the center stars and compare the water star against the current period.

We are currently in period eight so the mountain star would have to have an eight in its place.

For instance is the center stars were: 6- 8 then the money or water star would be in a locked period.

Money locks can affect of course finances, jobs, bills can get out of hand, credit, the possibilities are numerous.

Sentanced To Twenty Years Hard Times!!!!

Both of the above locks occur for an entire period which is twenty years. It can indeed feel like you are imprisoned for those twenty years if your finances or relationships are troubled.

A twenty year lock can be identified by the period star matching the mountain or water star.

One Year Locks

In addition to twenty year locks there are also one year locks. One year locks are also determined by the mountain and water stars.

Once again we observe the center mountain and water stars, however now we are going to compare them against the current ANNUAL star. The annual star changes every year so these are slightly more bearable since all businesses and people have their good and bad periods.

If the center stars were 1-8 and the annual flying star were a one then there would be a one year lock on people. The one year lock on people would have the same possibilities as the twenty year lock but it would likely be easier to handle for a period of only one year as opposed to twenty.

In this same manner we would analyze the water star against the annual star once again to determine if the lock was present.

Perhaps the center stars are now 4-1, and the annual number is still a one. Since the annual number is the same as the water star or money star it would then signal a lock was occurring.

There Is Hope

All is not lost if there is a lock on your home or business. There are ways to cure the lock regardless of whether it is for twenty years or one year, they are the same.

The cure for a lock is real running water that you can see or hear located anywhere outside of your home. The only place you would NOT want to put a water feature is where the home direction of current period star is located. In period eight that would be the NORTHEAST. It is not advised to put an outdoor water feature here as water collects

chi, however, if this were the only available place to put a water feature it would surely be better than suffering with a lock, it just won't be as prosperous as if it were located elsewhere.

Beach Front, Pool Side, Or Even Lake Front Property ..... It's All Good!!!

The biggest installable water feature of course is the pool, and water in feng shui is a sign of prosperity so the pool would likely break the lock and bring prosperity to the residents. This is ideal for a one year or twenty year lock. Also if your house is double sitting you may have or need this feature in the sitting area to balance the energies and bring them into harmony so it solves two issues with one fix.

Maybe you are lucky enough to have beach front property, or you have a house on the lake, maybe you just live in an apartment complex and your balcony faces the pool area, if so this is an instant cure. All of these are great opportunities for prosperity and useful for breaking any lock,- in fact if you have one of these you may never know you have or had a lock in the first place.

If the above is not the case for you and a pool is just out of your finances there are other water features that will do just fine. Just be sure to use clean moving water, make certain you feel its presence, and voila, instant lock-breaker!!!

I personally lived in a "reversed-locked" apartment, while initially it sounds bad it actually turned out to be really great. The flying stars were just great and it was already remedied before I moved in. There was mountain in the facing-it was another taller apartment made out of brick!!! And the pool was located in the sitting---- talk about convenient. After curing the present negative energies and enhancing the good, it turned out to be really supportive in many ways. My point is, don't get scared away from a property you like if there is a lock, all properties experience a lock at one time or another, and don't go berserk if you find out you are living in a home that is experiencing a lock--- you are one contact away from a feng shui consultation.

Learn about double sitting houses. What is your house type?

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