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Having a professional feng shui consultation by a certified consultant has proven to be successful for people looking to turn their life around using feng shui. Feng shui can be effective in so many areas of your life. Once you begin to see your desired results you will become almost unstoppable. It truly opens the doorway to effortless living. Manifesting miracles becomes second nature and living under the burden of negative energies becomes a thing of the past. What feng shui can do for you is limitless.


$199 USD*

Residential readings are imperative to getting on the fast track to happiness and increasing the rate of reaching your personal and professional goals. A residential reading unlocks the potential of your environment and allows you to use it to your advantage. Your evaluation and energetic blue print will be personalized to you and your needs and desires. To learn more or purchase a residential feng shui consultation clck here.

Small Business/Office Consultations

$299 USD*

Business and office consultations can really propel you in the direction you want to go while providing an uplifting productive atmosphere that supports your desires and wishes professionally.

Phone Consultations

One Hour $60 USD

Phones consultations can be very helpful in a number of different ways. This is a quick and easy way to get the answers for your difficult questions.

World Wide Feng Shui Floor Plan Evaluation

$99 USD*

This is a great option for some one out of the country or some one located outside of the Greater New Orleans Area. With this option you get the benefits of a professional feng shui consultation at an unbeatable price.

Eight Mansions Evaluation (East/West)

$88 USD

Find out if your house is a good match for you. Eight Mansions feng shui offers insight into this and other benefits that are hidden in the floor plan of your home, office or business.

New Location Consultation For Residence or Business Site

$150/hr. w/ 2 hr Minimum

$500 Day 9 a.m.-5 p.m.