Feng Shui For Fertility

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You probably didn't know you could use feng shui for fertility, but you can use it to increase your chances of celebrating the event you are longing for. Being pregnant and having a baby are enormously thrilling events. However, I know well the disappointment of not being able to conceive. It can be an exhausting, exasperating, experience. I have helped many clients increase their chances of conceiving, and actually have babies. While this can involve a really in-depth consultation to improve the chances of getting your desired results, there are some things that some one with basic exposure to feng shui can implement.

Time To Turn Up The Heat!!!

YES!!! Sex should be on your to-do list, or maybe your honey-do! However, I am going to assume you are doing all of the things that you can that I am not an expert in- or that don't belong on this site!!! ;)

The key to firing up your fertility energy is to add fire or the color red to the specific area of where the annual 8 star is residing. This can be in the form of a red light, red sheets if it is in your bedroom, a red throw or rug. Be creative because this is about igniting the energy to work for you.

Find The Magic Of The 8 Annual Star

The annual 8 star is the key to the feng shui fertility cure. Use this chart to follow its yearly position and implement the cure.

2009 - Southeast

2010 - Center

2011 - Northwest

2012 - West

2013 - Northeast

2014 - South

2015 - North

2016 - Southwest

2017 - East

Prerequisite To Fertility Cure

To properly use this cure to receive the desired outcome it is important that you:

1. Draw a to scale floor plan.

2. Work from an accurate compass reading.

3. Divide your floor plan both vertically and horizontally into nine equal areas, this will help yo identify the corresponding quadrants to their directions once you have a compass reading.

4. Have your red ready! Light bulbs are a great safe way to do this, but you can use all kinds of red items- be creative.

5. Make sure you spend a lot of time in this area- if it is a bedroom, office, or door you walk through your chances are really great!!!

6. Go get to it already..... I cannot do it all for you!!!

Good Luck!!!!

It should be noted the best way to increase your odds is to have a complete consultation for this. If you are interested please contact me.

Ready for your consultation? Use this contact.... maybe you have questions, let me know here.

How to get an accurate compass reading- you need this!

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