Tai Sui And Po Sui

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YearlyTai Sui And Po Sui Directions

Year - Animal - Direction - Opposite

2008 Year of the Rat S2 - N2

2009 Year of the Ox NE1 - SW1

2010 Year of the Tiger NE3 - SW3

2011 Year of the Rabbit E2 - W2

2012 Year of the Dragon SE1 - NW1

2013 Year of the Snake SE3 - NW3

2014 Year of the Horse S2 - N2

2015 Year of the SheepSW1 - NE1

2016 Year of the Monkey SW3 - NE3

2017 Year of the Rooster W2 - E2

2018 Year of the Dog NW1 - SE1

2019 Year of the Pig NW3 - SE3

This chart is based on the Chinese zodiac. It repeats every twelve years.

The Tai Sui and it opposite, Po Sui are inherently bad in nature.

Tips for dealing with the Tai Sui and Po Sui.

Do NOT turn your back or face these energies head on.

Do not dig in the direction of the Tai Sui, or disturb the earth.

Do not begin construction inside or outside of your house in that year.

If construction around your home or office takes place put a metal wind chime between your home and the construction.

Do not build a house sitting in the direction coinciding with the Tai Sui.

These energies bring accidents and problems, be very careful dealing with them.

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