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How To Take An Accurate Compass Reading

It is absolutely true. IF your compass reading is not accurate then your feng shui is off. Taking an absolute correct reading is a must and it cannot be grazed over. This is where it all begins, the basis for what you are doing is all in the reading. This is the first step to unlocking the hidden information in your building.

Not A Boy Scout? No Problem.

Hey, I am NOT here to be your troop leader, I am here to help you get the most essential piece of key information for feng shui. You can use ANY compass that has the degrees clearly listed and the directions, this is vital. You cannot just have one that has the directions, this will not work, we need something more precise than just south.

The Finer Points

Gmetting an accurate reading is more than just taking a compass and getting still and then waiting until it stops quivering.First off it is important to take off ALL metal jewelry, AND belts. Whenever you know you are going to do a reading it is helpful not to put them on in the first place.

This is because metal distorts the compass reading. However, that alone is not enough to get a precise reading. Make sure you are not standing IN a door frame or close enough to the house that the siding or building materials affects the compass. A compass reading is usually best taken away from the house with your shoulders square to the front of the building. Get far away enough that none of the electrical or metal elements of the house are an issue, and don't forget about cars!!! They are metal too, I even heard of one consultant wondering if she should return to a location at 4 a.m. just to get an accurate reading as there were so many vehicles parked in the area.

Once, Twice, Three Times For An Accurate Reading?

Absolutely!!! I highly recommend multiple readings as will any competent consultant, and from varying locations around the property/ building as well.

It is just good sense to verify and make accurate your work. The best way to do this is to take readings from the front, back, sides, sometimes I have even had to go a bit down the street to get away from all of the interference. Eventually you will get a repeat number, and after getting the same number 3 times in different locations I would say you are going to have a great deal of accuracy. There have been times I have taken a dozen readings and then just left my compass in one place in the back yard. Sometimes you just need to get away from the compass and let it do its thing for a few minutes if you are having a difficult time getting a true reading.

This hasn't happened often, but it isn't a;ways easy to get a reading on the first few tries, so try, and try, and try again. It takes practice and like anything cliche- it IS so true.

Yes, I am Going To Nit-Pick, Its That Important!

It is just simply crucial that you get a truly accurate reading, so here is some more advice. Lucky you! When you take a reading hold the compass waist high and steady your hand. Remember you have NO belt on so we needn't worry about the interference from that, and we are going to keep still and simply gaze down at the compass and when it is still we will record the proper degrees.

At this point I like to write it down along with a note about where on the property this degree was read. It is helpful later when you are comparing several degrees.

When you have finally achieved an accurate compass reading that you are ready to begin working with it will read something like,

'west 272 degrees.'

Congratulations---Now Go Do It!!!

Seriously, now that you know how to do this get out there and practice, practice, practice! It won't take long before you are a pro.

Use your compass to locate your home direction and find out how it can help you.

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