Feng Shui Number Meanings

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Feng shui numbers have different meanings and they should be evaluated considerably with additional factors that are/or may be present, including flying stars, home position, and eight mansions.


Wealth And Powerful Position

This can help the occupants to become wealthy and attain a powerful position in their career. Spending time in this area will greatly increase the effect of the stars energy. If this is a door, a master bedroom, or even an office that you work in you will see great benefits.


Pain, Sickness, Miscarriage, Loneliness

The number 2 star brings pain, sickness, and loneliness to people who occupy its energies. In addition to this women will find miscarriages are more prevalent when they spend time in this star.


Gossip, Arguments, And Lawsuits

The number 3 star carries the energies of gossip, arguments and last but not least lawsuits. I have seen this star in action and it is strong the longer it goes uncured. The arguing energy is so strong as is the lawsuit energy. The combination of all of the number 3 personality traits are enough to really bring some ones life to shambles, destroying relationships, even banks accounts, and peoples good name.


Scholastic Achievement, Reading/Writing, Creativity, Artistic Talents, Promotions And Career Advancements

The 4 star energies are wonderful, they are the energies of artists and creative types and they are so strong and helpful that they can really help advance your career in the most creative way. This is a literary star as you can see from the reading/ writing but it also helps encourage learning and scholastic achievements.


Fire, Sickness,Pain, Caualties, Obstacles, Delays And Accidents

The number 5 star is no ones friend. This star leaves pain and sadness in its wake everywhere it goes. It can be as subtle as something like an accidental cut while shaving or as severe as death. This star needs careful evaluation, even more so if it fall into an important area, like a door or bedroom.


Great Wealth And Authority

This star will propel you to high ranks in your chosen field or career, and you will benefit financially from it as well. A star that carries this great wealth is always a welcome asset to any space.


Robbery, Imprisonement, Fire, Bleeding, Slander And Arguing

Nothing to love about the number 7 star. It needs special attention and especially if this is in the bedroom or another important area.


Fame, Name And Wealth

Does it get much better than this? What more could you want in an energy- this does it all!!! In period 8 and every other time 8 really is KING!!! This will help get your name well known, increase your fame factor and you will get paid! Bonus!



The 9 star enhances whatever energy is already present. If its good, it gets really good. If its bad -- get a consultation ASAP!!!

1,4,6, & 8 Are Favorable Stars

2,3,5, & 7 Are Unfavorable Stars

9 Is The Wildcard- It can go either way!!!