Feng Shui And Depression

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Depression can be be lessened through the use of feng shui. The affects of this issue can be so hard not only on the individual but on the people that love and care for them as well. Everyone has ups and downs throughout their lifetime and it isn't uncommon for some one to go through a temporarily depressive rut. It is say to say it will affect us all at one time or another to some degree, but there are things we can do to lessen affects on us individually.

Black 2 Flying Star

Wherever this annual star flies to there is loneliness and depression, those are a few of the particular energies it carries. It can make you feel disengaged from your loved ones OR society as a whole. It is not a nice energy and if it falls into an important room or entry door for the year you most likely will feel its influences. The following is an annual chart to find out where the 2 Black Flying Star will be in the upcoming years. With this information you can then make sure it will have little or no affect on you.

Annual 2 Black Flying Star

2009 - West

2010 - Northeast

2011 - South

2012 - North

2013 - Southwest

2014 - East

2015 - Southeast

2016 - Center

2017 - Northwest

Find It, Cure It!

Of course if we know this is a negative energy, once we have found it and see that it will affect us, the next logical step is to cure it. Since it is an earth star, and negative we want to use metal. In that case anything could be placed in the area where the annual 2 black is that is made from some type of metal. Metal elements are iron, brass, copper, steel etc. , you get the idea. I would begin with 50 pounds of metal for the average sized room. You will be able to feel the difference if you are highly sensitive and the cure should begin to show it is working within two weeks.

You can never go wrong curing the Black 2 Star and it has many more benefits than just depressive lonely energies. In addition to curing it, it is also important to make sure there is no red in the area that this star is inhabiting as well. Enhance the positive, decrease the negative in feng shui and you are on your way!