Feng Shui House Numbers

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I get many inquiries about house numbers and their specific meaning as related to feng shui. It can be quite confusing for people, and it seems to be really important to people. I can understand why, after all, what if your numbers amount to five? Is that bad, or what if they end in zero? Just where does that leave you?

There is so much mystery surrounding feng shui in general and numbers have their own rumor mill, it seems. Somewhere along the way Western feng shui practitioners have started this whole address and house number feng shui-ology. It goes one of two ways- either you add your numbers up and until you get to one number or you take each number in your address and view it as a whole. I HAVE NO IDEA, of exactly how to do either of these methods with any preciseness. Funny enough, I also doubt any of the Masters who tout this concept have much of a clue either, but I still get the questions!

The first method seems to be an evolved feng shui hybrid of numerology and feng shui. I don't get it and as for the second theory, I personally have seen it go so many ways I get dizzy just trying to recall the methods.

Do either of these methods have any energetic impact on feng shui? No. Not in any way that I have ever seen evidence of and yes, I tried the whole Western thing hoping for the magical results but no I never got any. I have never in all of my feng shui readings found a persons house numbers to be indicative of anything other than an identifying number. That is really all they are good for, so take a deep breath, relax and go back to enjoying life, it is that good with feng shui!

One size does not fit all feng shui.

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