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Start your feng shui journey off right. Before you begin enjoying all of the gems this site provides get your materials in order. It is best to begin with a to scale drawing before going any further. This is quite easily accomplished, but first you will need the following:

1. Measuring Tape

2. Graph Paper

3. Ruler

4. Pencil

Measure, Measure, Measure!!!

That is right! Measure three times - draw one time. Make sure your measurements are accurate, this is a life changing endeavor you are embarking but, only if you get it right here.

You are going to make an exact replica scale drawing of your floor plan. It is important to:

1. Measure everything

2. identify or mark everything

3. Make several copies- you will mark these up, and maybe even make a mistake or two, it saves time to have copies on hand.

Be Precise!

Precision is a critical issue with your floor plan. Leave nothing out and make sure it is clear. This is what ensures you will get the positive results you desire in feng shui, by having the right tool accurately laid out in front of you for instant reference. By making certain that you have this step done accurately you can usually save your self money on a consultation.

One Story, Two Story, Three Story... Floors?

Every floor or story to your building should get its own sheet of graph paper for its own drawing.

Include everything that is covered by the roof of your building, this includes patios, porches, sun-rooms, terraces, balconies and more. Be sure to identify all-Rooms




-The stove/oven

-Closets/storage space


-Work study areas


-Exterior water elements.

Once you have an accurate scale drawing and you have several copies it is time for you to move on to the next step of determining sitting/facing. Enjoy your feng shui journey and e-mail me with any questions.

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