Use Your Personal Trigram And Your Home Direction For Your Power Sector

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Combining your personal trigram along with your home direction will give you a power sector of your home that you can energize to empower yourself. It is pretty simple and easy to remember. Once you get it you will never forget. Once you have figured out your personal trigram you may wonder what all the fuss is about. There is a a lot of information that pertains to you personally. Even more than that you now have a area in your house to identify as your home or personal direction. For instance my home direction is northwest...

...because of this I now pay extra special attention to this area of my home both inside and out. This is very important because this is one area where clutter really will affect you, While I am not one to get preachy about clutter and messes they will definitely have an adverse affect on this area of your home.

Regardless of what type of room this is in your home you want to make sure that it is kept clean, tidy, and inviting.

Furthermore, depending on the flying stars located there you could even enhance this area further by adding a supporting supporting element temporarily when you feel drained or need a boost. For instance, Northwest is a hard metal element, so in turn I would enhance my Northwest area of my house interior with earth, since that produces metal. This would then strengthen my element, in turn giving support and strength to me.

This is also an area that you would want to shed some light on both on the inside of your home and the exterior. Keeping both the interior and exterior location of your personal trigram lit and clutter free will help ensure more happiness.

I also recommend continuing this habit at work, make sure your personal direction of your work or office is clean, clutter free and well lit. Remember, wherever we spend our time in a space we absorb the energy of that area and we typically spend between 8 and twelve hours a day at work. That can really add up.

Decrease The Negative

While it is fun to always enhance or increase the positive in feng shui, it is even more important to decrease the negative. That is because if it is good in nature it is already a good thing, but if it is bad you cannot simply ignore the issue---- it won't go away!

This however is one case in feng shui where increasing the positive immediately decreases the negative. This will help you personally to decrease the negative influences in all areas of your life, spiritually, physically and financially.

Get Your Best Nights Sleep

Your personal home direction is also the direction you should sleep in to get your most restful sleep. To achieve this we are going to use pillow direction. Your pillow direction is situated so that when you lay down to go to sleep the crown of your head points in your home direction. Using this will give you the best nights sleep ever...... try it!!! You won't be disappointed. Feng shui is all about improving you quality of living and it can have an affect on every area of your life. One of the most simple places, as you can see, is to begin with your personal trigram and home direction. Use your power spot to your advantage.

Find out why feng shui is personally effective to you, and why its not the same for everyone.

Feng shui can really help you improve different areas of your life.

There is a lot of information out there you can find, but it can be overwhelming if you aren't trained, find out when is a good time to hire a consultant.

Calculating your personal trigram can be here if you need help!