Feng Shui And The Kitchen Stove

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Bring up feng shui and the kitchen stove/oven and you will have a serious discussion on your hands and probably with little or no agreement. There are differing opinions on this and it is treated as some great hidden mystery that just can't be revealed because it is so unknown. That is not the case. Many practitioners would love to have you believe that. The fact is they would probably have you believe that because they don't know it. In truth it really isn't too difficult to figure out, if you have spent your time learning and studying.

Burn Up The Bad Chi!!! It's Personal!!!

The best place for a stove or oven to be placed in the house is in the quadrant of where the occupants worst direction is located. This is according to ones Personal Trigram. The reason for this is when preparing meals you want the fire to burn off the negative chi from the area.

And Then...

The next most important issue would be to have the kitchen stove face a favorable direction in the negative area. The facing of a stove is simply the direction the door points or faces to when opened.


1. The stove should be in an unfavorable quadrant

2. The stove should face a good direction

This is a serious 1-2 combo that will keep you in wealth and health. However, should the stove be placed in a favorable quadrant, facing an unfavorable direction, the occupants could suffer financially and in health.

Of course, there are many things to consider that would be better evaluated in a consultation, but until that time, this will help you.