Feng Shui House Direction

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House direction, whether it is sitting or facing, along with the compass degrees is so vitally important.

It is the difference in getting a true energetic blueprint that will empower you and enable you to make correct and necessary changes. Once you have this you will begin to see the roadblocks in life magically vanish.

The first step to achieving this is decide the facing and sitting. For this we will use the yin yang theory.

Yin Yang Theory To Determine House Orientation

Yang Features

-living rooms

-great rooms

-community areas

-most window views

-front of house

-active side of house

-more open areas

Yin Features


-utility rooms

-less windows/views

-smaller rooms

-non community rooms

-darker side of the house

-less natural light

Now that we have determined what way the house is positioned in regard to sitting and facing, we can move on to the compass direction.

Compass Degrees And Direction

Taking a compass reading is simple once you know what to do, so do not be intimidated by the compass. Get a good quality compass that shows all of the exact degrees. An accurate compass reading is a must when it comes to your energetic composition of your home.

-Take several reading and remember no jewelry, cell phones, belts or metal of any kind.

-Take note of cars and electric poles that will all affect your reading.

-Make sure you are standing with your shoulders square to the home.

-More tips and info on compass reading and/ or compass charts.

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