Feng Shui Maps

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When some one mentions the word map it isn't typically feng shui that comes to mind, or is it? It can be if you are working on diagramming the energies, or areas of a building. A feng shui map is really a diagram that a practitioner uses to when reading the energies of a property.

The property must be proportionately drawn to scale on a piece of paper. This is the beginning of mapping the energies for the consultant. After a scale drawing has been reviewed the consultant will add to it the directions, and a dashed trigram grid. This trigram grid delineates where the energies or different areas reside.

It is on this 'map' that all of the information is recorded for a reading, and it is important that it all be accurate, remember this is a science.

X Marks The Spot?

Technically there is no X marks the spot as there is in your basic pirate map, but there are several places that will bring you wealth, happiness, and prosperity if you make proper adjustments. Some of these adjustments are so minor all you have to do is spend time in the energies to absorb their inherent good qualities! Conversely, X also marks the bad spot as well, and you could be spending time in those areas with out even realizing you are making your life difficult.

It is all contained within the map but it is the skilled expertise of your consultant to put it to work for you in an empowering positive manner.

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