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Feng shui and money, how do they go together? Money is on every ones mind from time to time. How to get more of it, what to do with the money you have now, and where did it all go anyway? It can be as elusive as the sock that got lost in the dryer to some, and multiplies easier than kudzu spreads for others. At the end of the day most people just want to know how to get more of it.

"The quickest way to double your money is to fold it over and put it back in your pocket!!!"

Quote By Will Rogers

Usually about the time one starts thinking of ways to increase their money they start looking into the Get Rich Quick traps that others have set to get rich quick themselves. These often don't work for the person looking for the information, but they sure are the solution to the one who invented the next big thing for $19.99!!!

Eventually most people figure out that get rich quick schemes are just that, however, by then they have already lost their money. What if there was a different way? One that had sure results and worked for a lifetime?

Increase Your Money Plan

We spend on average one half to one third of our lives in our house so why not make it work for you? What I am talking about is implementing a feng shui cure to bring more money into your life.In feng shui simply installing the right type of water fountain in the right area will increase your money, I have seen it many times.

How To Get The Money

In feng shui the cheapest easiest way to increase your money is to follow the annual 8 star. This star brings wealth, fame, fortune to your good name. This yearly energy will help you effortlessly increase your finances just by spending time in these areas. If you wanted to further increase its potential you could always add fire in the form of the color red. To do this you must have a:

1. to scale floor-plan drawing

2. compass

3. floor plan evenly divided into thirds both horizontally and vertically, for a total of nine even sectors.

The Annual 8 Show Me The Money Star!!!

2009 - Southeast

2010 - Center

2011 - Northwest

2012 - West

2013 - Northeast

2014 - South

2015 - North

2016 - Southwest

2017 - East

If you would like a personalized evaluation to increase your money it may be time for a feng shui consultation. This will tell you more.

Money and the money tree.

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