The Three Cycles Of Feng Shui

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Once we recognize the elements of feng shui we have to understand how to use them to our best benefit. This is pretty easy to understand since they follow cycles of production, destruction and reduction.

Think of this in the form of a never-ending circle, each element producing something for the next, in a supportive role.

The Productive Cycle

Burning WOOD produces FIRE.

FIRE leaves behind EARTH.

Earth produces METAL.

Metal liquefies like WATER.

WATER nourishes WOOD.

Notice that in the productive cycle one element is necessary for the formation of the next element making it supportive. The domination cycle is the exact opposite of the productive cycle. In fact, it is destructive in manner which is why using these elements in certain ways can adjust the chi and bring balance.

The Domination Cycle






When there is an imbalance present it is most likely the destructive cycle taking place. In certain situations the destructive cycle is optimal. Just as in nature where everything has a purpose, in feng shui there is a pupose for every element. The real magic is manipulating these energies to work in our favor. If we were only knowledgeable in two cycles we would not have the option of using the subtle energies of the reductive cycle.

The Reductive Cycle

Wood pulls from WATER.

WATER wears down METAL.

METAL is culled from EARTH.

EARTH puts out FIRE.

FIRE burns WOOD.

The reductive cycle is often overlooked in favor of instant destruction, but that isn't always necessary, and really knowing when to utilize the cycles and elements are what sets feng shui practitioners apart. The ever so slight subtleties that are environment changing is really the challenge that leads to great results.

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