Feng Shui Wealth

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The time for feng shui wealth is now. That is because period eight has it all - wealth, name, and fame. This is the perfect time to work on your personal wealth because period eight brings that energy in the most positive way.

Unfortunately, there is a massive amount of information that would have you believing that your wealth was located in the back left of your house according to the bagua theory. This just is not so, there is no one size fits all method. Feng shui is as individual as the house and the person(s) occupying it. It is just unrealistic to say that you can find your wealth area in the same spot in every house you live in. If you recall there are probably houses you have done better in financially than others. Besides, if that were really the case then it would mean that all of the slums could just activate the same corner and there would be no more slums? Right, there is proof-positive that it does not work that way. Of course, many so called experts would have you to believe that you can ignite the chi of this area with a money tree, or perhaps some use of colors, like gold or green. These are ineffective methods. So put away the where is my wealth question, you can start focusing on what does work.

The House With The Most Money

It is possible that houses come with the energy of money already installed in them. It is part of their make up. One type of house is often referred to as WSWS, or good for people, good for money. This is a great house but you will still need to use remedies for the negative areas- though they are likely to be minimal. Another house type is the good for money house. This can be a favorable house just by the name, however, many masters would prefer to have a house that is good for people. That is because a house that is that inherently good for people can propel some one to wealth through the great relationships and health benefits that are part of the natural personality of this house.

The one type of house that may not be top on the list is the reversed. However, I have seen this type of house support money once the proper remedies were in place. There are several house types and things you can do to make any house have more supportive energy. A qualified feng shui consultant can help you determine your specific house type and what you can do to improve the energy of your environment.

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