One Size Does Not Fot All

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Often, I get inquiries where some one just wants an answer about something in particular like their career. This happens even when I am in a social environment, in addition to regular request for readings. It is a funny thing that people mistakenly believe that feng shui is a one size fits all formula. It simply is not so, you cannot ask a consultant to blindly answer a question just as you could not ask an astrologer something with out specific personal details.

It's All In The Stars!!!

Just like an astrological reading for yourself, feng shui is like a reading for your house. It involves many layers that range from astrological to flying stars and directions combined with what spaces are used for, as well as who is using them as to how they will have an affect on the occupants. In the same house with people belonging to different elements certain rooms will even have different affects on different people.

It is a very involved process to have a proper feng shui consultation on the part of the consultant, and much information is combined studied and analyzed so you can know the results.

Sector H, East-West Theory

Getting back to the career issue, in East-West, sector H is indicative of: -unproductive career -poor finances -robberies

Where is sector H located in your house? Does it match your personal trigram?

It is completely possible that you and your house are not a match, in which case your houses sector H and your sector H will be different.

Good Fortune & Great Fame

Conversely, area or sector "A" is interpreted as great for fame and fortune, sounds like good luck to me! Again, the challenge is to be able to combine your trigram with your house and the utilize these effectively.

I am sure you would not want an astrologer who just rattled off a one size fits all answer to a question about your career, love or financial status. Likewise I trust you would prefer the same in feng shui.

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