Your Place Or Mine? What's Your House Type?

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Imagine moving into a house that would just make life easier or better. Take a minute and think of what you would consider this to be, a nanny, a washer and dryer, maybe a dishwasher.

Those all make life easier on some level, but imagine if you were ill and you decided to make a move to a house that would help you stabilize your health, and perhaps even make you better on some level.

What if you had just been struggling financially and you found an apartment that would help you get your economic crisis under control and even eliminate it altogether? That would make life easier.

Perhaps you need both of these things because your health expenses have made your financial situation unbearable. Or maybe its the other way, maybe the stress over your current economic situation has really affected your health.

All of these exact situations are possible with feng shui, in fact they are already working in your home, you may just not know what combination your home possesses. Regardless of whether you identify them o not they are there helping your finances, your health or both so wouldn't it be better to get to know the house type you have? It's possible with feng shui. You may be reading this and you think its not a big deal, they are all good things, right? Wrong. These are the good guys of the bunch, but true to yin yang theory if you have good guys there are villains...somewhere. It's true there are actually houses that are bad for people and bad for money, even preventive of good energies to both of these.


It may sound far-fetched but the reality of it is there are homes and houses out there that could really be affecting your life, your relationships, your

finances, and your health in a really bad way.

The good news is that most so called 'bad' houses can be converted into beneficial houses that are supportive. Even if it cannot be coerced into converting for what ever reason, there are still certain things that can be done to lessen the affects.

Create The Life Of Your Dreams

It is options like this that make feng shui empowering and helps you to create the life of your dreams right now, truly giving new meaning to your 'dream house.' Once you begin to work with your chi your home can help you achieve your dreams. It doesn't just stop there, the harmony you experience from having an environment of completely balanced, enhanced chi will affect you physically, financially, and spiritually.

Find out about the affliction that will affect you and your home.