Personal Trigram Family Member Directions

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Personal trigram family members locations are easy to find. Its all here. Once you have a to scale floor plan drawing you can grid it into equal thirds horizontally and thirds vertically, and you have exactly what you need to identify different quadrants or sectors of your building/house. With this information you can use your personal trigram or kua number to establish what part of the house represents you according to the I-Ching. There are eight sectors and if any sector is missing it will mean that family member is missing. This can happen in a number of ways. Perhaps, they move away for college or job, or just spend a lot of time out of the house, but it is also possible that three will be a death or divorce as well.

Prerequisite to find family member locations:

1. to scale drawing of your floor plan

2. gridded floor plan

3. accurate compass reading

Now you are ready to label all of the directions and sub-directions on your floor plan so you can identify which sector corresponds to which direction.

The Directions And Family Members Are...

North - Second Son - Kua 1

Northeast - Youngest Son - Kua 8

East - Eldest Son - Kua 3

Southeast - Eldest Daughter - Kua 4

South - Second Daughter - Kua 9

Southwest - Mother, Wife - Kua 2

West - Youngest Daughter - Kua 7

Northwest - Father, Husband, Owner - Kua 6

The proper interpretation of this is that I am a MOTHER so I am represented by the SOUTHWEST. Whatever is present in this area is going to have a direct affect on me. This is another way of using your kua number to see what part of your home you can beautify and strengthen to make sure it is empowering to you. This is much like using your home trigram direction to your advantage in the same way.

Whatever is placed in the Southwest, or is already there will directly affect me, my life, health, luck and wealth.