Sitting And Facing

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There is a wealth of information to incorporate into accurately distinguishing the determining factors of the sitting and facing orientation of a building.

When determining the sitting and facing of a property it is preferable to be on-site. That way you can get a feel for the parcel of land as well as see it up close and from different angles. Often, when describing sitting and facing to people I find it helpful to describe a visual image of a person sitting in a chair. After all, people have fronts and backs. So, think of some one sitting in a chair. They are upright, and if you are positioned in front of them you see their face. What you do not see however is their back or behind.

At this point it is helpful to use the word supporting in place of the word sitting. When you interchange the two what you really have is the back supporting the face. Now imagine that on a house you would see the front but not the behind. Remember, once you have the facing or sitting you always have its opposite.

Generally, there will be a more open feel to the layout of the facing side of a building. These rooms would typically include the living areas or common areas that are shared in with all the members of the household.

These areas could include, but not be limited to-


-living room.

-dining room.

-great room.

-open kitchen.

-sun room.

-sitting room.

These are all very yang areas, where lots of activity could take place, typically these would be brighter, more social rooms. Wherever there is yang, there must also be yin. The opposite of the yang rooms would be the more still quiet rooms. These would include-



-dressing rooms.

-laundry rooms.


-walk in pantries.

-mud rooms, and the like.

These rooms are usually quiet, closed off from social visitors, and not commonly used by the household members at the same time, and certainly not as a social area. Since there are probably less windows on the sitting side it will likely be a bit darker as well.

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