Feng Shui Home Decor

I get asked ALL of the time about Feng Shui and home decor. There is so much confusion that it is just time to set the record straight. I have heard it all from, "I am not a fan of Asian decorating," to "I can't afford an Oriental rug???" It seems to lead to mass confusion when people are on a solo feng shui quest. I am here to tell you once and for all...... It doesn't have to be that way. So, relax, get comfortable and let's tackle this the easy way...

Wall Of Fame Or Shame????

OK, I know this is an easy target, but it is important because so many people get hung up on it. In fact, I had one client that was so hung up on the red fame wall that he made most of his home completely drenched in the color red. Red is a great color, I adore it. The thing about the color red is that it is one of the few colors in feng shui that pack a real bang for your effort. Vibrationally speaking, it is a STRONG energy. Red packs a PUNCH. Most colors aren't as strong as red so a little goes a long way. This is a great way to use the 'less is more' concept.

So what happens you wonder if you have a home that is in the red zone? Well, it is rather complex in that it extends beyond simply feng shui into common sense and psychology. Too much red, which is a yang or active energy has a higher probability to keep one restless day or night. It can even instill energies of argumentativeness and hostility or even rage. It is that serious. It is all about balance.

If you are using generous amounts of red in your decor be sure to check with your consultant first- it is NOT advised with certain flying star combinations.

Asian, Country Or Shabby Chic.....?

Often, before I show up for an in-person consultation I get the decor run-down. It usually happens on the confirm call and the caller is worried that I might notice the decor theme of the house...And I will, that why I am there!!! I have seen them all from country fair to shabby chic, and of course there was the Elvis thing.....who could forget that???

What they really want to know is can I feng shui around or with their decor tastes, or dopes everything have to go Asian??? Feng shui is really supposed to be unnoticed in the decor. Let me say that again another way so it is NOT misinterpreted- Feng shui should happen naturally without screaming that I have been on that property.

I have been to a few Asian inspired houses, mine was even very Asian inspired at one time, it was and is simply a a matter of preference. I promise. You can have what ever delights your heart in decor themes according to feng shui. If I show up at your door and think that maybe a few things could be rearranged or better some where else, well, that is to be expected. I am the expert and you ordered the full benefit of my knowledge.

No feng shui consultant should tell you to change your entire decor or adopt a new one to fit the feng shui laws of the universe and I won't either. Feng shui in its purest most effective form uses natural elements and blends naturally with ANY decor if you have a qualified consultant on your hands.

IF you get the suggestion for things that do not resonate with you, or if they bring Fu Dogs as a bonus for the consultation just kindly thank them and Shu them to the door!!!

Decor And More!!!

The truth of the matter is that you should not be able to walk into some ones house and tell that they have had a feng shui consultation