The Elements Of Feng Shui

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The elements of feng shui are really simple. So simple they are only found in nature and are actually not man-made. With this knowledge you can now evaluate if your current cures are working for you and if they are actually part of ancient traditional authentic Chinese feng shui.


The natural element of fire can be used as a cure or an enhancement. It is usually recommended that the color of fire-red- be used instead of the actual element, due to the danger of the actual element.


Heavy metal or metal is often a recommendation from practitioners and web-sites alike, but don't go blasting you Ozzy Osbourne box set just yet. When talking about metal in feng shui the actual bare element itself is to be used. Often metal decor is used and it blends naturally into the already present decor.


Earth is an element of feng shui that is used often. Earth can be interpreted as potted plants, ceramic vases, and even granite counter tops


Wood is often misconstrued in feng shui as ANY wooden furniture, however, this is not true. Wooden furniture is made of wood but has no life in it. No chi, no energy force. What is used in feng shui is plants and foliage, they have life force.


Water is pretty easy to establish in feng shui. Water is simply clean water in the recommended proper container. Usually not an earthen vessel and it is preferable that there are no rocks in the water feature as earth blocks water. In feng shui it is most important to have the proper element and use it in its correct form to achieve maximum results.

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