The Facts About Feng Shui and The Money Tree

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Ahhh! The million dollar money tree question. I want to address this because it was always on my mind BEFORE I learned classical feng shui.

If you are familiar with the money tree cure you know it is generally a jade plant, because the leaves are shaped kind of like coins it is said to bring money into the house as it flourishes. It is usually advised to put this in the wealth gua of the ba gua. This is very easy to find since it is the same in every persons house, it is the same in every persons house because this is a theory of the BHS (black hat sect) feng shui.

In my quest to find the absolute truth of feng shui, I figured the best way to do it would be to try it out. (After I was formally educated in classical feng shui, I never gave BHS a second thought.)

I figured it would be easy enough to figure out if it was working or not. Off I went to purchase my money tree. I selected a small one- they were all small, it looked no better or worse than its twins, and i brought it home.

I remember reading that the luck of this plant could be further enhanced by placing a gold coin in the soil. That would be easy enough, I had a bunch of gold dollar coins so I pushed it in the soil, watered the plant and waited for the dough to roll in. I waited, and waited, and waited. I followed the directions on the stick that came in the plant and- it died. It never produced any great wealth- or any that I know of while it was living.

The big deal about this plant is purely imaginary. This is not a classical feng shui theory, and it is really more symbolic than anything. I don't know about you, but the whole symbolism thing didn't work on my brain or me. In fact, it seems like such a stretch that I don't want to exert the effort to deal with it. The bottom line about the money tree is it is pure superstition or folklore- capable of nothing.

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