Feng Shui Rehab And Addiction

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Feng Shui Rehab and addiction, they don't seem like they have any connection would they? No, not to the ordinary person, but to the experienced feng shui consultant they make perfect sense. I have seen many cases where this is a reality. We are so influenced by our environments and quite often all of our environment isn't supportive or beneficial to our well being. This is the case in certain flying star combination's.

Addictive Behaviors

The 1 flying star enhances addictive behaviors, this can be especially dangerous when paired with a number 5 flying star. This pairing typically results in drug activity involving participating and/or selling. This combination can be lethal due to just the subject matter. The world of drugs is dangerous as we all know, and for some one you love, it can be hell to watch them go through this.

If you or some one you know is struggling with drugs or alcohol, it is very possible that it is being reinforced by your environment. Having a feng shui consultation would easily let you know if this was part of the addictive behavior. The number one star feeds the addictive behavior and it can be made worse by an addictive personality trait. It would be most likely that this star combination that would indicate drugs or drinking would be found in a bedroom or other important room, and/or perhaps an entry door. It would take a trained professional to distinguish if this was indeed being caused due to the occupants environment, and there is a cure for the home as well as attending rehabilitation facilities if that is necessary.


Addiction is so serious and it destroys many peoples lives, it can make by-standers feel helpless, but it doesn't have to be that way. I have seen feng shui properly implemented completely quit influencing ones desire to use drugs. This is usually the case for people who have not suffered long-term addiction. If the person has suffered long term addiction it can be a powerful component in their recovery not to be over-looked.

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