Where Is My Wealth???

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It happened again. I suppose it is just one of those things. It happens often after a consultation, I get the question, "Where is my wealth???"


"Where is my wealth area or corner?"

It is a very common misconception about classical feng shui. There is not a preset diagram to follow. If there were an actual ba-gua that was the same for every house then there would be no need for me, or any other consultant to take tons of classes and spend endless hours pouring over material and studying it!!! It is true, we all do this. It is not an easy thing to gain a comprehensive understanding of feng shui, especially flying stars.

So Just Where Is The Wealth Area???

The great misconception of wealth is due to the Black Hat Sect (BHS) theory of feng shui. This is a feng shui aspect that was developed to make it more understandable to the Western world, but not necessarily accurate. As frustrating as it can be to a practitioner to hear the same query repeatedly, it has greatly opened the door to feng shui being more widely known.

Typically, the wealth area would be in the back right hand corner from the front door, but not in flying star feng shui.

In flying star feng shui there are actually several combination's of numbers that are really favorable for wealth. A deeper understanding of the interpretation of the stars combined with the occupants and a number of other specific aspects can reveal wealth areas. These can be identified through a comprehensive consultation.

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