Feng Shui For Beginners

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Just knowing where to begin in feng shui can be a daunting task. There is so much information out there, but even MORE MIS-information. Whether you plan on using authentic classical feng shui or new-age Western Black Hat feng shui this article will get you on the right path.

First Things First

Regardless of which system you intend on using you first have to have something from which to work with. This would be a diagram of the space you want to use. This could be a business, home, rental property,b or empty lot just to name a few. You will need an accurate floor plan to begin with. For this you will need:

-tape measure

-graph paper

-pencil, eraser


OK, so you have the tools, now here is the work. Measure every room and draw it to scale on your gridded graph paper. This is going to give you a good visual outlook to your space on a flat sheet of paper. If your building has more than one floor be sure to include separate sheets for additional floors.

*If this is the case then I like to include a brief layout in a dashed lines over the first floor plan IF, and ONLY IF the second floor is not the same size as the first.

Now make certain to include:





-sliding glass doors

-double glass or double doors



-work/study areas

-unused storage areas

You should have every square in under your roof accounted for. This is very important, and you cannot cut any corners here.

Once you have an accurate scale floor plan I recommend making several copies. You will want to be able to mark these up for different charts and people using the space and one copy just wont do. I recommend three for each person.

The Compass Is Your Buddy

You have a great floor plan, and you are so ready to move on, but where are you going? You are going OUTSIDE to get an exact compass reading. This is where the rubber meets the road. This is going to unlock all of the secret personality traits of your space. This is where all the magic begins! Are you ready? Good, let's get started. Taking a compass reading isn't difficult so by no means should you be nervous over this. Walk outside and take a visual assessment of your surroundings. What are you seeing? Are there a lot of cars present? That could adversely affect your compass reading in finding magnetic North. Are there tons of electrical transformers? These too muddle the needle.

Find a space free of interference, and make sure you have none on, i.e., belts, jewelry, etc. Then begin your compass reading. You will need :

-a compass. This needs to be one with all of the degrees marked.

-a piece of paper


You are going to take as many readings as necessary until you start seeing one number over and over and over. Make sure to note each reading and your position. You should also keep your shoulders square to the building during reading taking. You are going to record the degrees in each position that your building is facing. Sometimes this can take up to ten different positions, and even send you down the block. It is OK, just keep going till you get a few matches then you know you are good to go!!!

Now What?

You are doing great and you are almost there!!! Now you need to know what direction your compass reading is. This is easy, I have a handy compass chart that you can use. Scan the chart and see where you number falls. For example, North 12 degrees. Southwest 218 degrees, you get the idea. You want to mark this on a corner of your floor plan that you drew for easy reference.

There you have it. This is what you need to begin any feng shui journey and you are well on your way to unlocking the secrets of your property and living the life of your dreams, the feng shui way.

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