Feng Shui And Divorce

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Feng shui and divorce go hand in hand more than you might suspect. Relationships are hard and they can require a lot of work, but what if your relationship is failing and there is a force empowering that specific failure? It can happen and I have seen it happen. I have seen dozens of houses that were built in the 1960's - and up have divorce built right into the house. This is one of the things you would never know when you were out there scouting for your dream house. With out proper knowledge your dream house could actually be your home-wrecker house.

Home-Wrecker House VS Dream-House

You would never know it to see it, that the house you may have your heart set on could be the house it all falls apart in. You see there is this certain combination that takes place in the stars that are built into the house when the roof is put over the foundation, this is where the feng shui occurs that determines the energies for the house. This inherent combination is a 1-2. It means that there will be a domineering wife and the man may not be able to handle that, there could also be loneliness, depression and other energies that are carried with this combination that are all going to reinforce divorce. Furthermore, it could mean that if you are a single woman living alone that you will not get/ keep a man. Trust me I lived in a house like this and it was apparent. It sounds funny to say but it is in the stars. It can happen with out you even realizing it. That is how the energies of feng shui work, they are subtle and build over time.

Think of it like getting a sun tan for only ten minutes a day. You go out and do ten minutes in the sun, and for a while you see nothing, but at the end of summer you have a tan. It is there and you see the result of the suns absorption on your body. Only in feng shui the result isn't always displayed, but it is there!

There Is A Cure

The cure for this is very simple, it is metal, but you have to know where the divorce stars are located. Not so easy- any practitioner can easily determine if you have a divorce star combination in your house and I can even do this remotely. Once the location is determined there should be no red in the room and there should be metal added, and quite a bit. It is that important.

That is why I love feng shui so much, everything is in your control. You are the boss, and if it isn't what you want through the use of feng shui we can manipulate the property to better serve your individual needs. It is all about making life better, easier. Wouldn't it be great to stop a divorce dead in its tracks? I have a client that did just that.

Bring It!!!

Feng shui is only part of the plan, it does its job and does it well. What about you? Are you doing your part? You are a vital part of the equation when it comes to what YOU want. It seems obvious but so often I have clients that neglect that there is work to be done on their part. They think its feng shui it and forget it- no, not always. Especially for things like relation ships.

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