Keys To Determine The Facing Of A Building

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Sitting and facing are crucial in determining the energetic qualities of a building, in fact, the entire feng shui analysis is dependent upon it. When combined sitting/facing can be overwhelming since these are very detailed concepts. Focusing on one at a time is a much easier way to tackle this.


It is often quite common for people who are not established in feng shui to just associate the front door with the facing but that is incorrect. The yin yang theory is commonly used in determining sitting and facing. Typically, the more active or yang side is the facing. The characteristics of this would include more open areas, common social rooms and brighter spaces. The brightness in these specific spaces is going to be achieved through the natural light let in by the windows. The windows and front door are going to play a major role in designating the facing of a building.

The Role Of The Front Door

The front door of a house refreshes the chi entering it, and from there it meanders trough the house refreshing the chi in all areas. Because of this the front door is important and does play a vital role in keeping the chi from getting stagnant. In addition to this we will incorporate the position of the front door to evaluate the facing side of a building. The facing side of a house is kind of like a face, in that it is usually going to be the pretty, more decorative, ornate side of the house. If the house were going to be photographed the facing side would be the focus for the photographer. The following are some things to look for and consider in determining facing of a building- -The picturesque view of a building.

-Unless this an ocean/lake/water view house there will be more windows in the facing area.

-The common areas like the great room, living room, kitchen, dining room, sitting room, and den will usually be located in the facing side, where more activity takes place.

-In the facing more natural light will filter in through the windows.

Last but not least, we consider the front door and if it is in alignment with these other points we will include it and conclude this to be the facing, HOWEVER, if we determine the front door doesn 't fit these descriptions we move on regardless.

Further explore the differences in sitting and facing.