Keys To Determine The Sitting Of A Building

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If you have found the facing side of a building/house then you automatically know the sitting. It is just that easy. Sitting and facing are polar opposites, just as yin and yang are opposites. However, if you have not figured out the facing, or just want to reinforce your opinion, it is easy enough to confirm the sitting of a house. One of the first things to look for in the sitting side of a house is the bedrooms, these are typically more yin, as are bathrooms, and possibly even utility rooms.

The back of the house is normally the sitting side, as the front of the house is often the facing. One of the few exceptions to this is if you have an ocean/lake/waterfront view OR if you live in an apartment with sliding glass doors- in which case that is then the FACING, typically. In most cases, the sitting of a house is going to back up to the back yard, in addition to this it will probably be less decorative, more private and less light than the the facing. Points to keep in mind regarding the sitting position of a building-

-this is typically the more private side of a dwelling.

-less windows are present on the sitting side.

-less decorative, more of a private area.

-more utilities are usually contained in the sitting.

-this will not be the most picturesque view of the building.