Sleep According To Your Group

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At some point most people will experience a restless time when they are having difficulty sleeping. This can really be stressful to us as it just wears down our bodies and causes exhaustion, almost like we are hanging on and can't seem to catch up on sleep. While it's true we cannot catch up on sleep we do need to get a certain amount for optimal health benefits.

I have had several clients express this issue to me and it isn't a difficult one to fix in most cases. Once you have determined your personal trigram compare it below to see if you are an east or west person.











If you see what group you belong to East or West then you can determine if you are sleeping with your head pointing to a direction opposite or not in your group.

For instance my kua is Northwest which makes me a West person so I am better off to sleep in one of my directions contained in my group.

While not everyone can always sleep with their head pointing in their personal kua direction there are other directions available that would be better than using an opposing direction.

Find out your personal kua (trigram) number.

Feng shui is not one size fits all!!!

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