More About Chi

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Chi, is a prevalent force in your life even though its likely you may not give it much thought. Chi is the life force energy that is present in all place in your environment and in you. Chi is the breath in your lungs, the blood in your veins, it carries what keeps you alive. Just as in feng shui it carries what is vital. Energy.

Pure. Simple. Energy.

It really is that simple. Chi is energy. It has yin and yang qualities. These qualities could also be classified as good and bad, or lucky and unlucky. Depending on how energies meet in feng shui they develop definite personalities that can easily be identified and categorized the more one delves into this ancient Chinese science. This material, this chi is the seen and unseen energy of which everything in the universe is created.

Chi, in solid objects has a different vibrational energy than chi in a living entity, and different still is the energy vibration or chi of a color- like red. We know that everything in the universe has its own energetic vibration and the unseen environment is no different.The chi is calculated by combing the elements of time and space, from this we are able to identify these different energies with certain attributes, that are specifically characteristic and distinct.

Go With The Flow

Chi flows it is carried in the wind, like the saying, "the winds of change are coming," you can feel the effects. Think of it like the sweeping feeling of the change of seasons, its definitely there, but you cannot see the changing of the energies. One moves in and one moves out and its as quiet and seamless as could be.

Chi collects in water, water usually represents prosperity and it is no different in feng shui. Real estate is normally valued higher when it is on or close to water. In general, people like to be close to water- it makes them feel good, another effect of chi. Begin to take note of how different buildings evoke certain feelings and characteristics in your personality, or how they affect you. Notice your energetic reaction to different dwellings. All of these are a direct result of the present energies that these buildings hold.