The Feng Shui Impact

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The Feng Shui Impact is the estimate of just how much feng shui has on your life. When I first began studying feng shui I had no idea of just what I could expect from implementing cures and balancing energies. I thought that it could be huge, but often what I noticed when I was practicing fake feng shui that it was non-existant. I didn't understand how if people like Dolly Parton and Donald trump used this stuff how it wasn't life changing.

Get It Right First

Let me just say it, I have seen no evidence of Western feng shui working. OK! There, now its out.....

but really, first you must be working with actual proven methods here people. My preferred methods are Eight Mansions and Flying Stars. Once I learned these my life did get easier, really. But how much is feng shui able to influence in my life or yours?

It seems to be about 33%, however, I have seen this number impacted exponentially if it was a business owner, or some one who worked for themselves, or had a variable salary like sales, serving and the like. The prosperity cures will really affect some one in these positions.

Heaven Luck

Heaven luck is all in the stars. It is quite common for Asian, especially Chinese cultures to get an astrological reading for newborns to know their potential. In this way parents guide their children where their strongest talents and gifts may be found.

Earth Luck

This is your environment, your feng shui reading will let you know the potential of your present space. You can use this to your advantage by looking for homes that will support your goals instead of homes that meets your dreams. If you have a house that will support your goals you are likely to meet your dreams anyway!!!

Man Luck

This one is up to you! How determined are you? how much are you going to work toward your goals or devote to developing your self? Man luck is our creation. It is completely up to us how far we will go to meet our dreams, desires, and longings of our heart. We are meant to be constantly evolving people, otherwise we become stagnant. We were meant to change and develop everyday. Everyday is a new creation filled with adventure and mastery if we just allow it.

Add It Up!!!

That is right, do the math- its about 100%. The catch is you are the variable and feng shui is the exponent.