What Is Feng Shui?

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What is feng shui? Feng Shui, which literally means wind and water is an ancient Chinese science that involves calculations to determine the exact energy patterns of a dwelling, typically a house or business. These exact calculations are deciphered using precise formulas. The calculations are used to determine the

CHI , or energy of a space. This is something that was passed down through the generations of Chinese males only. Because it was so closely and secretly guarded, and often disguised, never being written, but verbally passed, it has often been mixed with folklore or superstition, and even considered magic or wizardry.

Traditional or classical feng shui actually allows the energy blueprint of a dwelling to be accurately read and understood. This energy blueprint is calculated using time and space, and can actually give clues as to how a certain environment will usually affect us. By spending time in an area we absorb the energy of the area and it affects us even though we may be completely unaware of it.

This is not something you must believe in for it to work. This is an actual science that affects us whether we even acknowledge or accept it. The real power lies in using it in positive manner that provides empowering energy and support for the individual.

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