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Feng shui clutter sounds like an easy topic, just do not have clutter. Is it really that simple? We live complex hurried lives, maybe I am speaking for myself, but it can be hard to maintain a tidy home. Let's face it clutter and feng shui aren't best friends in the world of energetic vibrations. Why would they be? If everything has a vibration, its own unique vibration, then how does that affect your chi?

Very simply:


Did you get that? Chaos is the energetic outcome of clutter. The problem is most feng shui practitioners tell you clutter is bad, it creates bad chi, it is bad chi, etc. "Tell me why it is so bad," I would scream at the in my head. The truth is I was a sloppy person when I was young-er. No really, I was beyond messy, sloppy, and yes my mother was an authority on pig sty's and my room was regularly declared one.

The funny thing was I had an amazing recollection of where everything was in the most weird way. Ruler? Under the pile of clothes behind the door in the notebook. It was truly ridiculous an absurd, but the thing was I was not ready to change. Growing up didn't help so much either. I figured once I got older it would happen. It did for a while but then it seemed to go right back to where it had been- official disaster.

Now, I can tell you that I did OK during those years but it was definitely not as easy as it could have been. I wasted time, I was disorganized, I felt disorganized and it carried over into other realms of my life.

It was definitely a mirror into my inner self- as with in, so with-out. Messy, scattered, unorganized that was my inner and outer world. Now my feng shui was also affected. I am A Qian, which is the Northwest, so whatever slop, catastrophe was positioned in the Northwest was leading to work-related issues, slight health issues, financial issues. It was like a lot of little issues that kept things from going so smoothly for me. Believe me little issues can eat up your time and energy.

Aside from affecting me personally through my trigram, it affected the flying numbers of certain rooms. For example, let us say for instance that my bedroom had a wealth combination in it. Well, given the energy of the clutter it would have stifled the wealth combination that could have catapulted me to financial ease!!! Think about it, do you think Donald Trump has his suits laying all around his bedroom? His work-out gear strewn about in a disorderly fashion? Do you think he allows his wife to have all of her beauty products is disarray on the vanity so that you cannot move or get to anything without knocking over a perfume bottle or some thing else? Most assuredly not!

While the result of being a slob in a wealth star area may not have been too detrimental, let's see what the affect would have been in a negative energetic combination.

Let's say a 9-5 combination, not the most critical, but up there nonetheless. Nine intensifies what ever is with it and five is nothing but bad news. In this type of energetic situation my health and finances would suffer greatly, and I would have such a multitude of setbacks, so much so that it could have been such a struggle that I just succumbed to numbness and gave up, accepting this as my lot in life. I have seen many people do this, it isn't so impossible. See the negative energy is further irritated by the clutter that is sending its own energy zapping around the space, it mixes with the negative energy making a truly undesirable cocktail of chaos.

Clear The Clutter

Of course the way to solve this is to get rid of the clutter, you cannot organize clutter and often you have so much clutter because you have a spiritually deep connection with it, you identify with it. I did all of these things and it was not until Hurricane Katrina, when I thought I had lost everything anyway, that when I went back I did so with a different feeling to my things. The could no longer control me. I wanted to get rid of things because I realized how they had an affect on me. I did this in a much more conscious way than I would have before, I had a new awareness.

I Have Grown And Lightened The Load On The Way

Now I regularly go through things and make an effort to get stuff out of my house, so much so that I actually have gotten rid of somethings I shouldn't have!!! Oooops! Recently, I found a sandisk card I thought was old so I put it in the freecycle bag and off it went, then a week later I found it went to my camera--- ah, at least it blessed some one instead of sitting in a landfill. I would rather get rid of things than to hang on,.....just in case. Create some space in your life, and house, bless someone else. Be a conduit of good in this way. I am not a born organizer, and I am pretty sure I am not the only one out there like this. There are programs that can help you through this process of de-cluttering and organization and in my feng shui opinion they go hand in hand.

Get rid of your clutter now- almost immediately is great way to get started improving the feng shui of your space.