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Calculating ones personal trigram is similar to identifying supportive energies.

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We are going to use the same basic equation for calculating our personal trigram.

Note- IF your birthday falls before February 4, you would use the previous year as your birth year. If it falls after February 4 you will use the current year.

Here is an example;

December 23, 1993

This falls after February 4, so we would add;


We would then continue our calculations; however, if it was

January 3, 1974

because this falls before the Chinese New Year, of February 4, we will use the previous year for our calculations. However if this birth date were to fall after February 4 we would use the year it fell in. the calculations for a male and female are not the same, but they both begin the same. You take the year

1973 (previous year due to Chinese New Year)

Add the number together;


After adding the adjusted or non-adjusted birth year, we divide the answer by 9.


At this point we no longer need the answer, but only the remainder.

This is the point of separation for males and females.

For a male we take the remainder of 2 and subtract this from the number 11.


This gives us our final answer. We will use this number later to reference the chart to discover if it is East or West.

However, there are two exceptions to this rule. If the remainder is (0) zero, treat it as (9) nine. If the number is more than one digit, subtract 9 to get a single digit, this will be the directional number.

For a female we continue and instead of subtracting we add the remainder to the number 4. Our remainder was 2.


Once we add this we achieve our final answer. However once again there are exceptions to this rule; If the final number results in (0) zero, it is treated as a number (9) nine. If there are two digits, subtract nine (9) to get a single digit answer, use this as the final directional number.

Now that you know your personal kua number you can use it to find your personal element.

1- North




Male- 5 -Southwest






Find out how to use your personal direction.

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