Good For Money

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Good For Money

Also Known As

Xia Shui

The good for money house has strong support for money luck. It is all in the stars here, both the

sitting and facing stars are located in the facing side of the building.This is not optimal because in feng shui we prefer to focus on people. With good relationships and health the money usually comes.

With this house having zero people support the relationships could badly suffer, even though they have done well financially. This is definitely a case where money cannot buy you happiness. Failed and strained relationships and poor health could be the outcome of living in this house, WITHOUT the proper remedy in place.

Two Faced? No Just Double Facing!

With your relationships failing a double facing house may seem like a two-faced house. This house at first glance is not my first pick for the most desirable house, however, like everything else there are exceptions. In fact this is my house, and I love the energies in my house, it feels good and it is supportive of BOTH money and people.

This is because I have two huge pecan trees in my facing . To be supportive of people this house needs mountain in the front, this cures that the mountain star has gone down to the water, restoring the energies to balance. Once you have decided upon and implemented the proper remedy this how will support your family, health and financial endeavors.