Feng Shui Best

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Feng shui encompasses many factors, but how do you get it to work best for you? You may begin by searching around the web and trying to find improvements and enhancements for the things you want, however, in doing so you may be leaving some things out.

Feng shui best works when it is accomplished in all of its layers.



-eight mansion/flying stars.

-personal stars. This is not as difficult as it seems if you use a professional consultant, however, it can be a frustrating experience if you are trying to DIY. There are steps that must be followed and feng shui works best if it is done from start to finish. For instance, say you got an energetic blueprint of all of your interior energies and enhanced what ever needed enhanced/ remedied. This would be good but not best.

Good Is Not Best

This would be good if your exterior were perfect and your house was WSWS, but the chances of that are minimal at best. Or, perhaps you know only your bedroom energies and cured those but you still spend six hours a day watching TV, or in your home office. You see, having only part of it done doesn't tell the whole story. It is like having a sparkly clean beautiful home, but then there is one room you don't go in because there is trash in there, it starts to stink up the whole house, and even affects the rooms that you enjoy relaxing in.

Feng shui works best when all of the layers are applied and used in conjunction with one another. Don't let this intimidate you there are plenty of good references out there to help you along, including highly trained specialist in the field, like me!!!