The Reversed House

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The Reversed House

Also Known As

Shang Shan Xia Shui

Of the four types of houses the reversed house is the one that can really frustrate occupants if it is not identified and remedied. This particular type of house is neither good for money or people.

Due to the reversed classification this house could sabotage the health and relationships of those living here. Strained relationships and lack of health are obvious reasons to remedy this house, but even further difficulties could arise from the financial aspect.

In the other house types good for people and good for money the houses themselves may not be supportive of certain aspects, but a reversed house actually undermines the people living in it. It is exactly what it says it is-----reversed. So, while you may have been moving right along in life when you move into this new home, you will probably feel like you are pushing and fighting your way through life with all of your might.

Hope is not lost though, this house can be remedied so that the chi of the house is cured and now behaves as good energy! All that needs to be done is to add a water feature to the back and mountain to the front. Before you know it, once these cure are implemented you will notice a difference. Life will get easier and better almost over night.