Feng Shui House Colors

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Feng shui best house colors uses the exterior decor of your homes color to support it energetically. The following chart is based on the SITTING not the facing direction of your house or building.

Best Feng Shui House Colors

North Sitting - Blue

Northeast Sitting - Yellow, Tan, Peach,

East Sitting - Green

Southeast Sitting - Green

South Sitting - Red

Southwest Sitting - Yellow, Tan Peach

West Sitting - Grey, White

Northwest Sitting - Grey, White

These are the first choice colors for the exterior of these houses sitting direction.

Second Best House Colors

These colors will support your house according to its Sitting direction. These are second choice colors.

North Sitting - Grey, White

Northeast Sitting - Red

East Sitting - Blue

Southeast Sitting - Blue

South Sitting - Green

Southwest Sitting - Red

West - Yellow, Tan, Peach

Northwest - Yellow, Tan, Peach