Fast Feng Shui

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Clients and enthusiasts alike want fast feng shui. In other words the quickest way to get results, and I cannot blame them. The benefits from the results of implementing feng shui cures and remedies is immeasurable.

The best way to get your feng shui working when you have a reading or are slowly working on implementing the recommendations of you consultant is to begin with the most important areas.

Begin Where All The Magic Happens

The most important fast feng shui area is going to likely be the bedroom. Typically we spend at least eight hours per calendar day absorbing the energy there, and that is only sleeping. Healing or balancing the energies of the bedroom if it is required can have a very profound affect. Especially if the energies were argumentative or lonely in nature.

In some cases if the energy was already in balance then there will be no cure. If this is the case the room is inherently good in nature, even so you may be advised to use an enhancement to support this energy further.

Doors Are Really Energetic Portals

It just so happens that doors are the energetic portals to the house. Not front doors, but entrance doors. This is the second most important place to make sure you follow through with in regard to healing the energy of the area.

Depending once again, on the stars that are present, there are different recommendations for everyone. Following through in this area is going to be really important since doors have this great energetic quality that is really strong. Consequently, we walk through this energy several times daily, thus taking it on when we come or go and carrying it with us.

The entrance door that you use also refreshes the chi of the house so healing it can really be extremely beneficial overall.

Don't Forget...

Any other place you spend a good deal of time like the den or perhaps the home office is of great importance as well, and not to be over looked.

This is not to say that all of the other areas of your house do not need to be cured--- at some point. This is however, a good starting point and can certainly make an energetic impact.

For fast feng shui, start here:



-any other highly used room.