Holistic Meditation

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Many people do not know the benefits of feng shui and it is true, there are many to list. However, feng shui, or wind and water, is really connected to everything in our lives, and can be used to help us and further our actions effortlessly. I, for one am all for anything effortless!!!

I started learning meditating techniques in my early twenties, I had no idea of how difficult it would be. I would practice and practice and practice more---- literally, three times a day. I eventually started to get the hang of it but it was still difficult. I wanted a meditation switch that I could turn on and off at will.

The Lazy Persons Meditation Technique

As I became more and more advanced in my studies of feng shui, I learned that there was a magic spot that would essentially turn my meditative energies on and off!!!!! Hallelujah!!!! Well, actually these we my Buddhist days so I really wouldn't have said that but that was the definitely the feeling.

Some people would not like to classify their efforts as lazy----I am NOT that person. I completely enjoy the energetic boost I get from using my personal direction for meditation, without the tons of effort.

There following are two ways to determine your personal direction for meditation:

The lazy persons way to get their personal meditation direction.


The DIY way to find your personal direction for meditation.

Once we have determined our home trigram or direction we can then effectively use this for meditating by having our back to that particular direction, in this way it offers support.

For instance, I am a Northwest person, so when ever I want to experience the benefit of this direction I situate my body so that my back is facing the Northwest and my eyes are looking Southeast.

I wanted to share this information because it is so helpful and I have heard over and over from people how they just cannot seem to meditate. They can't sit still, they can't focus, they can't be calmed.....

... the list goes on and on. However by utilization of this particular direction that can be a thing of the past.

This isn't only good for meditation, but is also good for:


-saying the rosary

-reciting anything religious

and it can be used to further enhance the efforts of yoga. This can be achieved by doing yoga in the room that coincides with your particular direction in stead of having your back to it.

In my case, I would do yoga in the Northwest room in my house for enhanced benefits. This will work for you too.

Once you have successfully determined your best meditation direction try this conscious meditation.

Find out how to properly use a compass to locate your direction.

Understanding a ba gua to help with determining the directions associated with rooms.