The Five Elements Of Feng Shui

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Nature is an important part of feng shui, and there are five elements that are represented in feng shui. It is in using these specific elements that the chi is kept in balance. The five elements of feng shui are not great secrets but elements we encounter everyday that we commonly encounter.


Wood starts the beginning of the cycle, just like the season of spring it all begins here. It is represented by the color green and/or green leafy plants. Wood is very important to a healthy environment since it recycles the air we breathe and acts as a filter, as well as being aesthetically pleasing.


Fire is usually thought to be destructive physically, but in feng shui is really a positive element. Because the actual element can pose a danger , and it is such a strong element that it is recommended to utilize color instead of real fire, or even a red light bulb will do the job effectively.


Earth, where would we be without it? More than just soil, earth can be represented by clay, earthenware, and stone. It may be hard to imagine wanting to put earth, or common dirt into an environment, but it is an essential element in keeping balance.


Metal is from the earth, and important in balancing energies. Metal can be gold, silver, bronze, copper and even iron to name a few. It can also be represented by the colors of gold, silver, white and gray. Care must be exercised when using metal as a cure, it must be pleasing with rounded, not sharp edges.


Water is an intrinsic part of all life on the planet, it is also a vital part of feng shui. For water to be beneficial in feng shui it must be clear and usually flowing. Aside form using actual water we can also use the black and blue colors to represent the element. Water is typically used to bring wealth into ones life in feng shui, and it is always effective if done correctly. In fact it is so strong that it can bring prosperity to all aspects of our life including health marriage, and money.

Once we understand how these elements work we can use them to effectively reduce or enhance the chi within a specific environment to successfully achieve our desired results.