Good For People

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Also Known As

Shang Shan

With people being the main priority this is an inherently good house for people since the mountain and water stars are in the sitting position. This house has a strong support for people in all respects.

In fact, this house can so strongly support the occupants that financial break-throughs will occur anyway. People often mistake that if it is good for people then it is not good for money and that is just not the case. It just has its energies behind the people, its not thwarting the money aspect, it just kind of ignores it.

Double Sitting

Double sitting is how the stars are described in the chart for a house that is good for people. It means the water has gone up the mountain, and because of this particular configuration the sitting and facing stars are both located in the sitting side of the grid . This house in unbalanced due to the sitting and facing stars being out of their natural habitat.

To bring this house into balance it is always going to require that it have water located behind it.

By having water located behind this building it will be balanced and that will then cure it so it is supportive of its occupants money. However, it must have a sizable amount of water proportionate to the size of the structure.

Dive in, the water is perfect!

It would be easy to just suggest that everyone with a double sitting house have a pool put in the back of their house, that would solve the imbalance and also water is associated with prosperity in feng shui. Remember, chi gathers at water.

Of course that is not possible for everyone and there are many options aside from a pool. Ponds with or with out fish are favorable as well, just make sure the water is not flowing away from the house. Or even, a large fountain. At the VERY least a few gallons will work, but again, that is the least. The more water the greater the prosperity.