WSWS - Good For People, Good For Money

Bookmark and Share There is a good reason that a WSWS house is so favored among feng shui enthusiasts. There are four major house categories that all houses fall into in feng shui, aside from the more specific calculations involving charting the direction of the building along with when it was built.

Dao Shan Dao Xiang

Also Known As

Wang Shan Wang Shui

The wang shan wang shui house or WSWS, is essentially a house that is good for people and good for money, or prosperous/good mountain and prosperous/good water.

The WSWS house is inherently good energetically for both people and money. There is usually less feng shui remedies recommended in these houses if the surroundings are good as well. It is better if this house type is on flat land, since it is already in balance.

Although this is a good house type it still requires the attention to the annual and monthly visiting stars as well as the stars inherent to the building.

Good For People

What does it mean if a house or building is prosperous or good for people. It means that people, relationships and even health will prosper in this house, generally speaking. The people that live there have the potential to have their health and do well financially, if they make the effort to work at these things. In other words if you are a productive person and you take care of yourself and keep your health up this house will support you in those areas.

Good For Money

A house that is good for money means that it will support your finances, it won't work against you. Since you have your health and your relationships you should be able to do well financially. In feng shui the emphasis is placed on the well being of people. A WSWS house is favorable but it may still need enhancements and when you have your consultation it is still vital to follow through with all of the recommendations.

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