Fengshui Bagua

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The feng shui ba gua. Just what is the ba gua and how is it related to feng shui? The fengshui bagua quite simply originated from the Lo Shu Square. This is the nine square grid used to lay over the scaled drawing of a house to determine the quadrants of coinciding rooms.

Feng Shui Maps

As feng shui was adapted from its authentic form into an easy to understand boiled down version the bagua came into play. It was developed as one size fits all formula for the western world. However, the term has become interchangeable and people tend to understand bagua universally now. The bagua is a type of feng shui map.

The Bagua and the Trigram

Once you calculate your trigram you can then use it to see where it is in the bagua. Once you locate your personal trigram according to the bagua you will have identified your personal power sector/quadrant. Your personal trigram direction is a very important space inside of any building or property you occupy.

More on your personal trigram direction as determined by your birth date.

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Discover your best direction for meditation according to your trigram/ birth date.

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