Wealth, Name And Fame Period 8 Has It All

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In feng shui life and time are cyclical, and there are 180 years to a cycle. We call these blocks of time periods, there are 9 periods of time, each consisting of 20 years and then it would begin again, thus being the cycle of time.

Period 1- (1864-1882)

Period 2- (1884-1903)

Period 3- (1904-1923)

Period 4- (1924-1943)

Period 5- (1944-1963)

Period 6- (1964-1983)

Period 7- (1984-2003)

Period 8- ( 2004-2023)

Period 9- (2024-2043)

Above is the course of cycles and when they occurred, after period nine ends they will continue again.

Currently we are in a period 8, this means the eight star is in prosperity or it is wang, this basically means eight is the king until 2023. Whatever period is the current period is the star that is "king" for that period. Period 8 in prosperity or wang cycle is fame, wealth and name.

Children are a vital aspect of period 8 and any career or industry involving children should prosper.

The Eight Star Is The King

Period 8 is Gen, Gen is the mountain trigram, mountains are usually rather immovable so we can expect a great deal of inflexibility this period. However, all is not lost because 8 is also representative of youth, we will likely have a lot of younger leaders in this period and see more activity on different fronts from younger people. This is a key time for fresh young views outlooks and ideas to come to the forefront of society. It is very likely that children our going to have an immeasurable impact on society as a whole.

In period 8 the wang or prosperity chi is going to becoming from the Northeast, so this is the one place you do NOT want a water feature as it will stop the prosperity before it gets to you, remember water collects chi. A better area for a water feature is going to be the Southwest or East.